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About us

Chooky Records

Introducing the innovative Chooky Records – a gateway to your exclusive share in the music industry. Chooky releases music with high profile artists, each release under the label features its very own NFT. These NFTs aren’t just a digital piece; but it's your very own ticket to a lifetime connection with the songs and artists you love.


Artists under the Chooky label benefit from a significantly higher royalty share than your traditional music labels. Chooky does not tie artist under a 360 deal which gives them the freedom to release music as they wish.

Chooky strives to release music featuring the biggest names in the music industry.

Our connections in the industry support us to market each song precisely getting them into top positions globally. Our anthem Chooky Feat Busta Rhymes was a top 5 hit in the UK Apple charts and was in the Top 40 official Spotify streaming charts.


Every song released under the Chooky label will be available as an NFT, our NFTs are designed by well known artists such as Mike Miller who has done work for DC comics and marvel comics.

As a holder of the NFT you are entitled to a percentage of profits generated from the song which includes, streaming, merchandising and ticket sales.

Chooky gives artists a never before seen possibility to share their success with their fans.

This is more than an investment; it's an opportunity to be a supporter of the arts, contributing to the dynamic landscape of the music industry. Your Chooky NFT isn't just a collectible; it's a key to unlocking a world of financial possibilities, ensuring your involvement in the music industry becomes an enduring legacy.

Chooky will be running ongoing  concerts and events worldwide featuring our two artists Elesia Iimura and O.T. These events will also be featuring some of the most well known names in the music industry that have contributed or featured on songs produced by Chooky Records.


A percentage of our revenue will be used to buy tokens on the market and burn them (Buy back & burns) this will benefit all holders as it limits the supply.


Seize the moment to be part of this groundbreaking movement, where art, technology, and financial opportunities converge. Chooky Records is your invitation to embrace the future, invest in your passion, and let your NFT be the bridge to a lifetime of musical prosperity!

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