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About us

Chooky Blockchain Records

The Chooky Blockchain Records premier release with Elesia Iimura and OT of the “Chooky” song has caused waves in the industry with over 460k streams on Spotify*, over 200 organic videos on Instagram and Tik Tok with multiple dancers, Djs, night-club owners and events managers all joining the trend and culture. The song also featured on some of the hottest Hip Hop outlets world wide like World Star hip hop, this is 50, The Breakfast club and many others. This indicates and validates the fact the Chooky music label can put relatively unknown artists on the map and everything associated with the song incubation process was funded majorly by the label, while the royalties and revenue share is considerably more favourable to the artists than any other music label in the industry

* spotify stats from Nov 2023

Choochoons Music Streaming Platform

The music streaming platform for the artists by the artists. Currently available as a free streaming music platform, the plans for a v2 release are already in development which would see a full NFT and on chain integration unlike anything we’ve seen in crypto or the music industry. With over 60% of all royalties and revenue going back to the artists. There will be NFT contracts for artists that are a binding Digital asset and confirmation of royalties payments + signed cover art work and royalty sharing from artists songs through Not ownership which is the most interactive experience fans have ever had through passive earning from their favourite artist and song releases. There will be randomised merchandise and concert ticket airdrops for the exclusive NFT owners. The platform will be an app downloadable on web browser, iOS and Android with an advertising and subscription based revenue model. Some high profile names will have songs and NFTs featured on the platform along with relatively unknown artists.

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