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Chooky Records lets fans and investors be part of the revenue of a song of their favourite artist.

Investors and Fans are able to invest into owning part of a record by buying an NFT from a record of their favourite artist when they release a song with Chooky Records.

Part of the revenue of the song is then flowing back to the holders of the NFT, so fans and investors can directly participate on the success of a song.

Chooky rewards its holders of continuously buy back part of the tokens with the revenue generated and with that lets investors take part in the success of Chooky Records.

If you would like to invest in Chooky you can either do that through a decentralized exchange like Uniswap (link above) or on the integrated swap from Flooz below.

If you are new to investing in a crypto token, you need to create a wallet that supports the Ethereum blockchain (see instructions below) and then you can invest in Chooky with a credit card directly here:





Download a wallet that supports Ethereum and sign up

You can install a wallet like Flooz, Trustwallet or Metamask on your computer or as a browser extension or directly download it via mobile app stores such as the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. After downloading the wallet, you must go through the setup process, a 12-word recovery phrase will be presented to you for safekeeping. This recovery phrase is a key to your crypto wallet that helps you retain your wallet should your device get damaged or lost. Remember that you aren’t supposed to share this phrase with anyone. We suggest to note it down on paper and keep it somewhere safe.

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