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Changing the Game in the Modern Music Scene with Songs Like “Chooky” by Elesia iiMura and O.T.’s major mission is to promote unsigned and emerging artists to a wider audience while also providing for equitable financial remuneration. ChooChoons is a priceless tool for artists in today’s cutthroat industry since it frees them to focus on their work.

ELESIA iiMURA and O.T., who hail from Australia, recently debuted “Chooky” the ChooChoons anthem on Worldstar and it’s making waves. This reinforces the platform’s dedication to fostering the development of artists and has widespread appeal.

The continuous commitment of Elesia iiMura and O.T. to making music that inspires and unites listeners is emblematic of the ideals that strives to advance. is crucial in determining the future of the music industry by giving a voice to young and unsigned performers. Elesia iiMura and O.T. ‘s successful collaboration with ChooChoons exemplifies the platform’s capacity to elevate and empower musicians in the modern music industry.

Stream it via Songwhip right now to hear their music for yourself!



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