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TCG World partners with Chooky Records to bring Busta Rhymes, others to the metaverse

The legendary hip hop artist who once rapped on A Tribe Called Quest’s seminal hit “Scenario” is now in the metaverse.

TCG World, an online virtual community sandbox, recently partnered with Chooky Records, a blockchain music label, to bring hit music from O.T., Elesia Iimura and Busta Rhymes to the metaverse.

The first product of the two companies’ collaboration will be the official launch of the hit recording artists’ “Chooky” video to the TCG World metaverse. According to a press release from TCG World, this marks the animated video’s first appearance in the metaverse at large.

As Cointelegraph reported, TCG World launched in 2021 as a metaverse featuring virtual real estate, Web3 collectibles, and a landscape where pretty much everything could be traded as a nonfungible token (NFT). At the time of its launch, it claimed to be the first 4K VR low poly game and the largest on the BNB Smart Chain blockchain.

Chooky Records is a nontraditional record label that combines digital music with NFTs to create hybrid, tokenized entertainment experiences. It found success in 2023 when the song “Chooky,” by Nigerian recording artist O.T. and Australian/Japanese artist Elesia Iimura became a viral hit.

Busta Rhymes, a platinum-selling recording artist whose legendary career has produced hit songs in five different decades — including his critically praised appearance on A Tribe Called Quest’s seminal hip hop track “Scenario” — lent his vocals and likeness to the “Chooky” track for its November 2023 audio visualization and the TCG World metaverse experience.

While Chooky Records is a relative newcomer to the independent music scene, its infrastructure has garnered praise throughout the music community. According to the Chooky Records white paper:

“Chooky allows for artists to not be confined in 360 deals with one off contracts, higher % entitlement to royalties, a high % split from the royalty sharing NFTs, event management, promotion, access to high caliber marketing resources and introductions to some of the most high-profile artists in the industry.”


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