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O.T: Rising Entertainment Dynamo and Co-Founder of Chooky Blockchain Music Label

Obiekwe Solomon Otega Onyebuchi, professionally known as O.T., has risen as a global entertainment force and Co-Founder of Chooky Music Label. Chooky is pioneering music production using blockchain technology, culminating in a collaboration with hip-hop icon Busta Rhymes, marking a transformative moment in O.T.'s career.

Cape Coral, United States - October 16, 2023 —

Born in the heart of Enugu State, South East Nigeria, Obiekwe Solomon Otega Onyebuchi, known professionally as O.T., is making waves as a dynamic force in the global entertainment industry. O.T.'s journey from his roots in Nigeria to becoming the Co-Founder of Chooky Blockchain Music Label is nothing short of inspirational.

Growing up in Niger State, North Central Nigeria, and later in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, O.T.'s passion for entertainment was evident from an early age. He embarked on his career as a Fashion Bishop, a well-known Music Act, an Event Manager, and a complete Industry Executive. His multifaceted talents and relentless dedication to the entertainment world made him a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

O.T.'s love for entertainment only grew bigger and stronger when he made a significant move to Australia, where he is now poised to make an even more substantial impact. The Australian music and entertainment industry has embraced O.T.'s innovative spirit, and he is ready to take on new challenges.

O.T.'s latest venture as the Co-Founder of Chooky Blockchain Music Label has captured the attention of the industry. The label is rapidly gaining recognition for its pioneering approach to music production and distribution, utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology. This innovative platform empowers artists and redefines the way music is created, shared, and experienced.

One of the most exciting highlights of O.T.'s journey with Chooky Blockchain Music Label is the recent collaboration with hip-hop icon Busta Rhymes. This partnership with one of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry marks a pivotal moment in O.T.'s career and the label's journey toward global recognition.

O.T. expressed his enthusiasm for this significant collaboration, stating, "Working with an artist of Busta Rhymes' caliber is a dream come true. Chooky Blockchain Music Label is committed to reshaping the music industry, and this partnership is a giant leap toward that goal. Together, groundbreaking music experiences will be created that will leave a lasting imprint on the industry."

The soon-to-be-released song "Chooky" with Busta Rhymes promises to deliver a fusion of talent, creativity, and innovation that will resonate with music enthusiasts worldwide. Fans can anticipate a series of groundbreaking releases that will challenge conventional norms and set new industry standards.

O.T.'s remarkable journey from Enugu to Australia and his role as the Co-Founder of Chooky Blockchain Music Label exemplify the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the music industry. Music lovers across the globe can look forward to a thrilling and revolutionary era of musical expression.

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About O.T:

Obiekwe Solomon Otega Onyebuchi, known professionally as O.T., is a multifaceted entertainment dynamo with a background in fashion, music, event management, and industry executive roles. Born in Enugu State, Nigeria, O.T. has journeyed from Nigeria to Australia, where he co-founded Chooky Blockchain Music Label.

About Chooky Blockchain Music Label:

Chooky Blockchain Music Label is a revolutionary music production and distribution platform that harnesses blockchain technology to empower artists and transform the music industry. Co-founded by O.T., the label is dedicated to innovation, transparency, and fairness in music creation and distribution.

Source: PressCable


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