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"Chooky" by Elesia iiMura and O.T. Starts a Musical Revolution

The music industry is buzzing with excitement over the groundbreaking single 'Chooky' by rising sensations Elesia iiMura and O.T. Over 120,000 people have listened to this intriguing single on Spotify, and its Worldstar premiere has been widely received. 'Chooky' stands out not only because it's catchy, but also because of the profound message it delivers., a new contender in the music streaming space, adopted 'Chooky' as its official flagship anthem. This innovative blockchain-based network is ahead of the curve since it provides consumers with a decentralized, safe, and transparent streaming experience.

ChooChoons primarily aims to help unsigned and up-and-coming musicians get their music heard by a larger audience. The platform assures the musicians to focus on their craft without distraction by creating a just financial compensation mechanism for them.

As of this writing, ChooChoons is in beta version 1, and it already features an excellent roster of well-known bands and musicians whose songs may be played instantly. The revolutionary way in which the platform handles music streaming has already caused a stir in the market.

The song's use of the slang term "Chooky" stands for keeping a good attitude no matter what comes your way. Elesia iiMura and O.T. 's undying commitment to making music that inspires and resonates with their audience is a living embodiment of this encouraging message.

Follow @elesiaiimura and @ot_goc on Instagram to stay in touch with the artists and learn about their upcoming releases. is the place to go if you care about the future of the music business and want to help promote new, unsigned artists.

Check it out on Songwhip right now to hear their music for yourself!


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