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Elesia iiMura and O.T’s ‘Chooky’ Takes the Music Industry by Storm

‘Chooky,’ the new single from up-and-coming artists Elesia iiMura and O.T, is already making waves in the business. With over 120,000 plays on Spotify and a music video on the way, this smash hit is about to take over the world. People are enthusiastic not only about the music itself, but also about the message it conveys., a new blockchain streaming network, has released an anthem for its platform dubbed “Chooky.” The platform’s blockchain foundation ensures that it is decentralized, safe, and transparent, benefiting users in equal measure.

The site’s primary objective is to help unsigned and emerging artists get their names out there and get their music heard by more people. hopes to create a system to fairly compensate these musicians so that they may focus on making music instead of worrying about making ends meet.

ChooChoons, the platform’s current v1 testing phase, comprises a number of established musicians whose work is available for immediate streaming and listening. The site is already making ripples in the music industry because to its novel approach to music streaming.

The word “Chooky” is utilized as slang in the song to convey the simple message that life is good and that we should keep a cheerful outlook no matter what challenges we face. The fact that Elesia iiMura and O.T. are still putting in the work and making music that moves and inspires their audience is a testament to the truth of this attitude.

Follow the great artists @elesiaiimura and @ot_goc on Instagram to keep up with their latest works and communicate with them. And if you’re into new and unsigned music, you should check out to show your support for the future of music.

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